An investigation of the human/technology relationship that reminds us to ask the question of who

is actually in control. This interactive, experimental dance theatre work explores the human/machine

relationship, introducing two symbolic main characters, human and robot, who must learn

to communicate and co-exist in overlapping worlds. Inhabiting two separate realms, one real and

one virtual, the robot is programmed to interpret human needs. He creates desired objects while

the human revisits the developmental stages that shape our understanding of the world we live in,

a symbolic reminder of the birth and development of our relationship with technology itself. The

border between real and virtual is blurred as this story of unexpected cause and effect unravels.

Do we play God with our never-ending technological advancements that strive to advance communication

and increase quality of life? At what point does the human being become a mechanical

extension of the technology he creates? As with most things in life, balance is the key and

FraMESHift is a humorous but poignant pas-de-deux that gives both sides of the story in an experimental,

multi-media, movement adventure with an original interactive design and real-time



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